A legacy of excellence

is just the daily habit of doing things right.

The Pinson team has been delivering value to their clients in the energy industry for decades. Experienced in all basins of North America and every step of the process, our team can show you what it’s like to enjoy uncompromised excellence.

Who We Are

Pinson Land Services is recognized as a leader and innovator in comprehensive energy land management.

Our solution-driven information, diligent performance, and services are provided in a way that help meet your strategic goals. We achieve this by using technology-driven processes and a team of land professionals tailored to each project.

We have never aspired to be the biggest – but we do strive to be the best. It was that way when Kent Pinson opened the doors in 1986 and it’s still that way today.

Our Services

We’ve done it many times before and we know how to do it right the first time – now it’s time to let Pinson handle it for you. From acquisition to divestiture and everything in between, we can assist you every step of the way. Let our experienced team of experts show you what it’s like to work with the industry’s highest standards.

The Technology of Tomorrow, Delivered Today.

Technology drives progress for most companies, and there are many industry-standard tools available for land management businesses like ours. We know how important it is that our clients are informed of the status of their projects, and in our mission to be the best in our industry, soon realized the “standard” just wouldn’t do. So, we created something better.

Introducing Bridge™ , our innovative project management platform. Bridge™ allows you to view the status of your project anytime and from anywhere and connects your land department to field data in real time.

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of services